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mining, oil and gas

ATS solutions for mining, oil and gas industries:
  • Mess Halls
  • Mobile Kitchens
  • Accommodation
  • Flat pack container accommodation
  • Administration offices
  • Warehousing
  • Recreational centres
  • Eductation centres
  • Laundries
  • Communal facilities
  • Wet weather contruction zones

Temporary or Semi Permanent Structures for the Australian Mining, Oil and Gas Industry.

Australian Temporary Structures works closely with the Australian mining, oil and gas industry to meet the unique needs and specifications they require. ATS structures have proven to be a flexible solution for many bespoke applications such as mess halls, accommodation, warehousing, sporting facilities and communal structures.

Australian Temporary Structures creates flexible, safe, comfortable, environmentally friendly, energy efficient environments, using equipment from world leading manufacturers in modular buildings. Our focus when designing our spaces and mechanical systems is to listen and adapt to feedback ensuring we meet and exceed our client expectations.

Our core design philosophy is:

• To provide acceptable room conditions
• Provide safe, secure efficient operation
• Maximise staff productivity
• Minimise whole of life costs
• Provide environmental responsibility and energy efficiency
• Allow for individual switching in areas with different times of occupancy
• Allow for future expansions

In order to achieve these objectives we have taken into consideration the following design and installations requirements:

• Comfort
• Acoustic control
• Air quality
• Aesthetics
• Design life and durability
• Quality
• Maintainability
• Plant replacement / accessibility
• Adaptability
• Energy efficiency
• Personnel safety
• Environmental integrity
• Reliability and redundancy

Mess Halls

Our dining hall facilitites can cater for up to 1000 people with fully functioning commercial kitchens, cool rooms, and with our partners we can organise everything down to the plates, tables and chairs.


Our accommodation solutions can be tailored to your staffing and geographic needs, whether it be 12 or 600 people needing accommodation we can help deliver the comforts of home. Australian Temporary Structures offers 2 options for accommodation facilities: Premium Series Structures and Flat Pack Container Units.


Light and easy to transport the SPACEMAX™ is its own shipping container and provides instant redeployable accommodation solutions. The SPACEMAX™ line of high-tech, foldable, portable buildings offer innovative solutions for flexible living and workspace needs. SPACEMAX™ can deploy in less than five minutes with plug-in electrical and plumbing systems. They fold and expand with a proprietary, patent-protected wall system that links together air-tight and water-tight and separates external and internal surfaces with a unique thermal-break design. The benefits of SPACEMAX™ are greater comfort, lower life-cycle costs, ease of transportation, fast set-up time, and massive energy-use savings.

Flat Pack Container Units

The Flat Pack Container range is the perfect solution to companies with a demand for fast accommodation solutions for varying workforce numbers. Containers are fast to install and cost effective accommodation solution. ATS's Flat Pack Container units are transported in bundles of 4 flat-pack units connected into one transpack. This means that one transpack of 4 Flat Pack Containers can be handled exactly the same as one shipping container which can reduce transport costs by up to 75%.

Multiple modular buildings can be easily created by stacking and interlinking units together. Alternatively, units can be placed side by side and easily linked via corridors. Modules can be stacked up to three high for maximum use of available floor space, and in endless rows lengthwise, sideways or any other configuration.

ATS’s Flat Pack Units are available in a range of sizes and offer a high level of heat and sound installation. Units are completely modular in design and can be joined together, with windows and doors positioned to suit almost any application. Read more about our Flat Pack Containers.


ATS’s offers a wide range of temporary and semi-permanent warehousing solutions, from entry level non-insulated structures, ideal for non-perishable goods to premium structures with energy efficient Thermo-insulated roof systems and cladded walls. With a wide range of options available, Australian Temporary Structures can create warehouse structures that meet the specifications of individual clients. Read more about our Warehousing Structures.

Sporting and Communal Facilities

ATS’s range of structures can be purposed to any number of uses from sporting facilities such as gyms and recreational rooms to common areas. Our range of walling, flooring and roofing options allows structures to be purpose built to a clients specification. Premium structures can be further enhanced with our comprehensive range of accessory items to construct a bespoke building.