About ATS
Executive summary
Australian Temporary Structures is an organisation formed by three professionals from the Australian Hire and Rental Industry, Peter Lancken current chairman of Kennards Hire, Sam Whyte current Managing Director of ATS, Director of Eventbiz and Neil Wallis former president of The Australian Hire and Rental Association, Current Director of Eventbiz, Cranebiz and ATS.
Combined, they have over 80 years’ experience in the industry and have developed relationships through their various businesses with international suppliers, government departments and intermediaries as well as other significant industry representatives.
Through their Event Hire business, Eventbiz, Sam and Neil have been supplying temporary structures to venues, large organizations and government intermediaries for a range of purposes and through these arrangements identified a market need for more ‘semi-permanent’ structures to be made available to cover a range of scenarios including large scale emergency response, temporary cities, mining accommodation and facilities, temporary warehousing storage solutions.
Sam Whyte - Managing Director ATS
Sam Whyte
Managing Director
Sam Whyte, managing director of Australia Temporary Structures has over 20 years experience in the hire industry. Former CEO of Kennards Events, Sam lead the development of a national event hire business for Kennards Hire. Sam has extensive experience managing small to large scale projects from concept to the end result. Sam is responsible for developing key business opportunities and market segments in the ‘semi-permanent’ structures marketplace and creating strategies for product placement in a range of scenarios including large scale emergency response solutions, temporary cities, mining accommodation and facilities and temporary warehousing storage solutions.
Neil Wallis - Operations ATS
Neil Wallis
Neil Wallis has been the Australian Hire and Rental Association President for the past 6 years and a member for the last 18 years. Neil’s expertise lies in the construction requirements to delivering fast, on spec and on time service. As the Operations Manager Neil is responsible for overseeing Australian Temporary Structure's complete service including: consultation and planning with local councils; building and project management; onsite logistics; temporary power supply & installation; air conditioning co-ordination; furniture and emergency rapid deployment services.
Peter Lancken - Finance ATS
Peter Lancken
Peter Lancken has extensive experience in negotiating and executing strategic acquisitions, having been responsible for over 50 transactions. Possessing outstanding corporate loyalty as demonstrated by a career spanning just two companies, he is ideally equipped to enhance organisations seeking to add Director level expertise and insight to their teams.
Peter is a highly credentialed corporate leader with extensive experience in the equipment hire industry. During his very successful 15 year tenure as Managing Director of Kennards Hire, Peter oversaw its development from a small branch network into the pre-eminent small/medium equipment hire company in Australia.
ATS - Temporary Warehouses & Modular Building Specialists
Australian Temporary Structures (ATS) in conjunction with HTS Hoecker leads in the design, manufacture, supply and installation of temporary warehouses and buildings for both semi-permanent and permanent use.

Available for sale, rental, lease throughout the Australia and Asia pacific regions, our range of temporary modular buildings provide clients with instant covered space solutions suitable for a multitude of industrial and specialist applications. These include: general temporary storage buildings; distribution; factories; waste management; retail trading floors; aviation; ports; military and leisure facilities.

We provide our customers with unbeatable quality and value for money. Our functional temporary modular buildings can be assembled, extended, taken down or relocated with the minimal disruption and unparalleled speed of construction when compared with traditional construction methods.

With years of product testing and operational use, our robust modular structures are reliable and proven in virtually all types of application and environments throughout the Australia & Asia pacific regions.

Our modular temporary buildings are available in a variety of sizes and designs, all suited to meet specific budgets and operational applications. They are complemented by an extensive range of accessory products to meet the specific requirement. All ATS temporary structures are designed to comply with stringent Australian building regulation requirements for both wind and snow loadings. They are installed on your site by our approved and industry certified professional installation teams.

ATS - expert suppliers of aluminium building meet all requirements for both permanent and temporary building uses including temporary warehousing, temporary storage, modular temporary buildings, storage building, temporary buildings, portable buildings, temporary warehouses, temporary retail stores.

The wide and versatile range of modular temporary buildings available from ATS ensures we can provide for almost any type of application. Our modular temporary warehouse and modular buildings have been successfully used in numerous market sectors including:
  • Mining Industry
  • General storage
  • Retail
  • Workshops
  • Waste & Recycling
  • Logistics
  • Custodial
  • Manufacturing
  • Sports facilities
  • Public pool covers
  • Sports storage
  • Military application
  • Aviation

Whether you are looking for a budget solution for the short term or a bespoke permanent building, contact ATS today for a competitive price backed by expert advice and support.