Neil Wallis Variety Bash 2015
ATS supports the 2015 Variety Bash - Turtle Style!
Disguised as the virtuous Donatello Ninja Turtle, our fearless GM Neil Wallis accepted the Variety NSW Dick Smith B to B Bash 2015 challenge, for the 8th year running. Neil’s love of the Variety Bash is clear to all that know him, “The Bash is a great excuse to get some mates together in an old car, go bush and at the same time raise money for kids who need it all over Australia.” Neil said. The Bash, known as Australia’s largest motoring event is a outback adventure travelling through isolated parts of Australia raising money for disadvantaged and special needs kids. This years effort raised a stonking $2.2 million dollars - Cowabunga!
Crossing four states in 16 days, the 2 stage event travelled from Bass Hill to Bunbury and Geraldton to Beagle Bay ( just north of Broome) with Bash checkpoints at towns and small communities along the way. The Bashers visited local schools meeting some of the kids the Variety Bash raises money for to purchase educational aids and play time equipment.
Australian Temporary Structures’ very own Neil Wallis was joined by follow Team Ninja Turtle members Nick Johnson (aka Michelangelo) GM of Pickles Auctions, basher for 7 years; Angus Campbell-Jones ( aka Raphael ), Campbell-Jones Real Estate, basher for 10 years and Nick Pope ( aka Lenardo ) from Pope Constructions, basher for 5 years.
Their trusty ‘Turtle Van’ completed the 8399 km bash route along both dirt and asphalt roads with just one blow; a broken diff which saw one very late night for the Ninja Turtle gang. “Last year we retired our Thunderbirds bash car which we ran for the past 10 years. We decided on the new theme of Ninja Turtles for our new bash car, a 1976 model F100 Ambulance,” said Neil. “The van has been fully gutted, retro fitted with 4 rear seats and race harnesses, roll bar, luggage cage, CB radio, satellite trip meter and of course, a large fridge for refreshments!”
Never a dull moment on route, the Bashers enjoyed plenty of off road activities and entertainment such as outback cricket games, community lunches, tours of schools, the infamous ‘Bash Idol’ competition and performances from long-time supporters John Paul Young and John Williamson when they are on board.
And what was Neils highlights for the 2015 event? “Firstly, every school - our costumes were a real hit with the kids. We would have breakfast supplied by the local communities we visited each morning and then get to present the money we were raising for sports, admin, books and whatever else was needed. It’s fantastic to see the excitement on the kids faces,” said Neil. “Secondly, the scenery, some of the sites we saw and roads we travelled were absolutely amazing. We were fortunate to experience some rarely travelled parts of the route as many of the roads are only opened occasionally to special groups.”
With the 2015 Bash over, Neil and the team have hung up their Ninja Turtle disguises and eagerly awaited next years Variety Bash adventure - which will surely be totally bodacious - in turtle speak!
Neil Wallis Variety Bash 2015
The 2015 Variety NSW Dick Smith B to B Bash route. Neil and team Turtle travelled 8399kms across outback Australia.
Neil Wallis Variety Bash 2015
Neil Wallis Variety Bash 2015
Neil Wallis Variety Bash 2015
The 'Turtle Van'.
State of the Art Warehouse and Showroom Structure
Australian Temporary Structures - ATS has recently completed new modern premises for Your Event Solution - YES, a leading event hire business in the Southern Highlands. The client required a fast and flexible solution to house their growing event hire business, incorporating modern showrooms and warehousing facilities. The solution was a 2000 square metre, state of the art two storey Australian Temporary Structures - ATS structure.
A sleek and modern design, the structure is part of the new HTS L Series 25m wide clear span structure with a 6.2m leg height. The ATS constructed building comprises glass walling and thermo roof, internal firewalls, amenities areas and drive in loading docks.
The advantage of the ATS Warehousing Series system used for this project was the speed of construction and flexibility of the internal spaces. Construction was completed in a four week period ready for client handover. Frames were erected in one week, followed by a three day roof installation allowing for the commencement of the internal fitout.
YES new warehouse construction of frames
Construction of frames.
Thermo Roof
Thermo roof installed.
Installation of solid and glass wall panels.
Installation of solid and glass wall panels.
Wall panels and roller shutter door units installed.
Wall panels and roller shutter door units installed.
Internal framing.
Internal framing.
Front facade complete with glass walling and glass entrance doors.
Front facade complete with glass walling and glass entrance doors.
The building cost approximately a third less than a traditional build as a result of faster construction times and prefabricated materials. ATS premium building materials such as the thermo roof and insulated wall panels require no further finishing such as painting required with a tilt slab construction and fast erection times meant that once the roof was completed the internal fitout can commence quickly, saving time and labour costs.
Your Event Solution - YES will start operating from their new location at Pikkat Drive, Braemar in the Southern Highlands on 1st June 2014.
ATS Premium Structure Install at Sheraton Fiji Resort
This Premium Structure was installed in Fiji in June 2013, watch the time lapse video to see how quick this 30m x40m structure was installed. Read more about our premium series structures >
Premium accommodation solutions
Australian Temporary Structures ATS rents a range of modular accommodation buildings for long and short term projects. We provide a complete service including consultation and planning with local councils, building and project management, onsite logistics, the comfort of temporary power supply and installation, air conditioning co-ordination, furniture packages, kitchens and all emergency rapid deployment services.
Accommodation modules feature a thermo roof and insulated hard walls, keeping energy costs to a minimum. The insulated glass and solid panel walls allow flexibility in design. We have one, two or four bedroom accommodation packages available in generous sizes.
ATS Premium Accommodation Structure
Our 5m x 5m executive suite features a bathroom pod which simply bolts together and is placed into the room as a complete unit.
ATS Premium Accommodation Structure
In this example, the corridor has been setup complete with kitchenette. By removing the internal UPVC wall this corridor can continue on into the next area.
ATS Premium Accommodation Structure
This 5m x 5m space is setup as a dorm room, it could also be used as an extra bedroom, games room or storage room.
ATS Premium Accommodation Structure
By adding more bays to the frontage of the structure you could reap the advantages of a large deck area.
ATS Premium Accommodation Structure
The 5m x 5m centre room as a lounge area, accompanied by a 3m x 5m adjoining module as bedroom spaces at each end.
Advantages of ATS Premium Structures:
  • The build quality is German engineered and manufactured.
  • Withstand winds up to 180 kilometres per hour.
  • There is no limit to the length of the structure as you can keep on adding bays to suit your requirements.
  • The available roof span is up to a massive 30 metres in width.
  • The structure can be pegged into any terrain or mounted on piers.
  • Modular construction can be dismantled leaving no foot print on the eco-system.
  • Our 10m x 12m structure can fit into a single 40 foot container, easing delivery into remote areas.
  • Structures are supplied with stylish and strong panic doors.
  • The ceiling is Ferrari 702 blockout fabric that is pressurised at all times. This thermo air conditioning technique assists in climate control on the inside and also aids in keeping the inside quieter as well.
  • The modular wall panels provide great flexibility in design. Windows and wall panels are interchangeable within the structure.
  • Self sustaining water harvesting, our structures collect water from the roof.
Optional accessories:
  • Solar panels for hot water systems can be fitted.
  • Bio septic tanks can be fitted.
  • Electric, generator or mains feed power can be supplied.
  • Furniture options comprises of beds, chairs, lamps, desks, lounges and TV units, just to name a few.
  • Floor coverings.
More information about Premium Accommodation Structures
ATS Premium Structure video
This range is for the medium to long term projects, it is a fully insulated structure, with many different walling, flooring and door options. This can be used for extra office space, accommodation, storage, temporary shop fronts. Read more about our premium series structures >
New 2 Storey Structure for the Southern Highlands
ATS Warehousing structure for the Southern Highlands ATS Warehousing structure for the Southern Highlands 2
Australian Temporary Structures is constructing a 2 storey warehousing and showroom structure in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales. The new structure will include state of the art warehousing facilities and modern showrooms. The ATS constructed building will incorporate glass walls and thermo roof, internal firewalls, ammenities areas and drive in loading area. The advantage of the ATS Warehousing Series system used for this project is the speed of construction and flexibility of the internal spaces and the ability to add Glass and Sandwiched insulated walls. To find out more about our temporary structure range please contact us today.
Australia NZ
australia & nz wide
Regardless of your location, we can have your temporary solution erected within a week of your initial call. ATS work closely with local contractors to ensure any additional needs can be achieved in a timely and professional manner. Our Regional partners allow us to provide the total solution.
premium accessories
premium accommodation
ATS and HTS Hocker have engineered a premium structure to with stand cyclonic conditions. This structure can be climate controlled with our air-conditioning units, complemented with our Thermo roof and insulated hard walls, it keeps cost of warming or cooling the structure to a minimum. Our insulated glass & solid panels walls allow flexibility in design. This structure is perfect for rapid deployment, long term accommodation or venue facilities. Read more about our premium accommodation structures >
pop up stores
What better way to test a market area! We can customise your temporary store, so it aligns with your look and feel. It may be in the snow fields? May be you want to capitalize on this your exposure to a niche market, using our bespoke structures this allows you to stand out from the crowd.  Read more about our temporary retail structures >
swimming pool structure
If you have an existing swimming pool, we can cover it! The swimming pool could be fully enclosed during winter months yet opened to the outside environment during appropriate weather whilst retaining the roof cover. Combinations of glass walling systems, hard walls or quick to open fabric sidewalls are available. Link structures can be designed to connect existing infrastructure, keeping costs to a minimum. No Capital outlay is required when renting these structures, attractive medium to longterm rental agreements are available.  Read more about our swimming pool structures >