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Flooring Systems

1. Integrated / Steel Sub-Frame Floor

Highly effective in terms of initial cost and general usability, the steel sub-frame floor systems creates a level and solid platform on which to base your event.

The system comprises of galvanised steel framework split into two layers, rectangular cross bearers and square joists. The first layer consists of cross bearers with integrated base-plates, which are anchored to the ground with earth anchors. The second layer is made up of steel joists, which are secured by steel lugs located on the first layer.

Pressure treated / impregnated chamfered boards (are then laid on to the steel sub-construction. These are locked into place by wooden battens, which are fitted to the underside of the boards. A special aluminium extrusion is then fitted along the length of the structure securing the flooring in each bay.

Once the flooring system is laid, the structure is ready to be erected directly on to the floor by connecting the legs to the integrated base-plates.

2. Ring Beam Cassette Floor System

The Ring-beam cassette floor system from is available for all party tent and big tent structures. The system consists of alloy ground floor extrusions and interlocking cassette boards. All boards are fitted with a special ‘male’ and a ‘female’ extrusion screwed to each long side and these sections lock into each other when laid next to each other. When laid, the boards are positioned on the sub-floor extrusion, which runs across the span of the structure.

The sub-floor extrusion is hollow in design. This special feature is designed for two reasons. First, when used on P-Series structures, 3.00m – 10.00m in span, special weights can be easily positioned within the extrusion and covered with a filler panel. Therefore, when the weights are used there is no need for earth anchors because the structure is weighted against uplift within the static calculation value specified for the party tent range.

Therefore all P-Series structures can be erected on any surface without the need for additional site preparation, for example drilling or using external weights in times when the ground surface cannot be damaged. Alternatively, when internal weights are not being used, standard earth anchor stakes can be used for erection on grass or hardcore etc.

Secondly, when weights are not being used or the structure is greater than 10.00m in span the extrusion is designed to carry cabling or services through the structure (internal dimension 150mm x 80mm).

Technical specifications:

Board size: P-Series: 1.00m x 2.85m
F-Series: 1.00m x 2.35m
Board thickness: 21mm
Weight per panel
P-Series: 39kg
F-Series: 33kg
Point loading: 350kgm²
Standard wood type/finish: 3-ply cross-glued with smooth wood finish or non-slip surface to top with smooth underside. Exposed sides are coated and sealed to reduce water impregnation alternatively (at extra cost); the board ends can be fitted with special alloy protection guards.